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GB+I help businesses grow across international borders.

What We Do​

GB+I helps businesses grow across international borders through financial support and strategic advice. 


Financial Support

  • Advise on funding viability and options.

  • Advise on eligibility for UK Export Finance (UKEF) or other Export Credit Agency (EPA) support.

  • Assist in preparation of relevant documentation and applications.


Construction Development 


  • Advise on viability of development proposals.

  • Advise on viability of financial models.

  • Assist in sourcing appropriate consultants, contractors and suppliers. 

  • Assist in preparation of appropriate contracts, including legal drafting.




  • Advise on viability of obtaining support from UK Export Finance.

  • Assist in preparation of relevant documentation and applications.

Our Services

We offer three key services to get projects up and running: 


Financial Support

We help clients determine if, and how, their requirements can be funded. The range of financing strategies we examine include equity, debt, mezzanine and bond funding. We also specialise in Export Credit funding, as detailed below.


We review and advise on potential options and assist in planning and preparation for fund negotiations.

Blue Print

Construction Development Support


In conjunction with developing project funding strategies, we can help assess the viability of development proposals from a design and delivery perspective. 

We assist in sourcing designers, such as architects and engineers, from the both the UK and overseas. We have access to a range of specialists in health, education, commercial, hospitality, residential and other sectors. At the appropriate point in time we can also assist in sourcing contractors. 

Export Support (UK Export Finance)


There are a range of UK Government-run funding and bond provisions available through UK Export Finance, that are available to UK-based companies or projects with a significant UK export.


We are experienced in navigating through initial discussions, and in assembling the applications along with the required supporting documentation. 

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